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Echipa medicala

Membrii echipei medicale de la Esteworld au parcurs perioade indelungate de pregatire ce s-au desfasurat pe parcursul mai multor ani, detin experienta academica indelungata si au obtinut burse. Multi dintre membrii de elita ai echipei noastre sunt si membrii de baza ai asociatiilor medicale internationale.

In calitate de specialisti - de la accidentele traumatice pana la reconstructia mamara si tratamente complexe de chirurgie plastica - membrii devotati ai echipei noastre se afla printre primii in breasla lor, folosind cele mai noi tehnici si cele mai inovatoare abordari in oferirea serviciilor medicale si chirurgiei plastice.

  • Mustafa TUNCER

    Mustafa TUNCER
    Director General

    Dr. Tuncer este unul dintre experiti de top in turismul medical din Turcia. Experienta lui in managementul spitalelor ii ofera o perspectiva larga si capacitatea de a avea o viziune unica, pentru a oferi pacientilor de pe plan local si international cele mai inalte standarde in ingrijirea medicala.

  • Uzm. Dr. Servet TERZİLER

    Uzm. Dr. Servet TERZİLER
    Director General & Doctor in Medicina

    Talentul si abilitatile dr.-lui Terziler au captat atentia si aprecierea multor asociatii locale si internationale de transplant al parului, ceea ce i-a permis sa isi construiasca o reputatie serioasa de expert in transplantul de par in Turcia. A fost invitat sa ia cuvantul in cadrul multor conferinte medicale importante si a aparut la televizor in cadrul multor emisiuni, pentru a-si impartasi cunostintele si experienta in cele mai noi tehnici de transplant de par. Aflandu-se la conducerea medicilor specializati in transplant de par de la Esteworld Turcia, Dr. Terziler este specializat in metoda extractiei unitatilor foliculare, gratie abordarii sale meticuloase si preciziei absolute.  

  • Prof. Dr. Murat TOPALAN

    Prof. Dr. Murat TOPALAN
    Vicepresedinte - Societatea de Chirurgie Plastica, Reconstructiva si Estetica din Turcia

    Dr. Topalan este specializat in chirurgia reconstructiva, inclusiv in transplantele efectuate in zona fetei, tratamentele reconstructive din zona sanilor si a corpului. Este unul dintre primii practicieni care au introdus chirurgia faciala reconstructiva in Turcia si in practica chirurgicala estetica internationala. In calitate de lider al echipei medicale de la Esteworld Turcia, Dr. Topalan este inzestrat cu educatie solida, experienta si aptitudini artistice.

  • Op. Dr. Alaaddin KARABACAK

    Op. Dr. Alaaddin KARABACAK

    Dr. Karabacak detine o experienta de 29 de ani in chirurgia plastica. Se mandreste cu capacitatea pe care o are de a imbunatati, rafina si restaura frumusetea naturala. Recunoscand faptul ca chirurgia plastica este o specialitate dinamica, orientata spre rezultate, care necesita o pregatire indelungata si rezultate excelente, Dr. Karabacak utilizeaza tehnici moderne, idealuri artistice si abilitati tehnice excelente pentru obtinerea unor rezultate exceptionale. 

  • Op. Dr. Emirali HAMİLOĞLU

    Op. Dr. Emirali HAMİLOĞLU
    Chirurgie estetica - Transplant de par

    Dr. Hamiloglu este specializat in transplantul parului si in tratamentele de cadere a parului, inclusiv in restaurarea sprancenelor. Este membru activ al ISHRS si a efectuat mii de tratamente de transplant de par cu succes in Turcia. Dr. Hamiloglu este de parere ca cheia succesului pentru o restaurare a parului sta in rezultatele naturale obtinute.

  • Op. Dr. Hakan GENCE

    Op. Dr. Hakan GENCE
    Chirurgie Estetica si Reconstructiva

    Dr. Gence este membru activ al mai multor societati medicale europene. Si-a dedicat carierea sculpturii prin intermediul tratamentelor de chirurgie plastica ale capului, fetei si gatului. Dr. Gence este la curent cu ultimele tehnici de chirurgie estetica si chirurgie plastica.

  • Op. Dr. Kamran EFENDİOĞLU

    Op. Dr. Kamran EFENDİOĞLU

    Dr. Efendiogulu maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and surgical techniques as a plastic surgeon in Turkey. Dr. Efendiogulu puts a lot of emphasis on doctor-patient relationship. The most important aspect of his practice is listening to the patient. He recognizes how important it is to make sure his patients are well informed on the procedure they are undertaking. His natural ability to understand, anticipate and achieve patient expectations- candidly and realistically- has earned him a well-deserved reputation as both a gifted and a caring plastic surgeon. 

  • Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar OTRAKÇI

    Op. Dr. Volkan Serdar OTRAKÇI

    Dr. Otrakçı is one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Turkey, backed by extensive experience in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As a cosmetic expert, Dr. Otrakçı specializes in total body aesthetic surgical procedures for the face, body and skin. He has been described as the renaissance plastic surgeon in Turkey and possesses the skill and expertise in carrying out all forms of cosmetic surgery.

  • Op. Dr. Çiğdem Derya AYTOP

    Op. Dr. Çiğdem Derya AYTOP
    Estetik Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Uzmanı

  • Op. Dr. Şener KÜÇÜK

    Op. Dr. Şener KÜÇÜK
    Estetik Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Uzmanı

  • Uzm. Dr. Tuba İŞERİ

    Uzm. Dr. Tuba İŞERİ

  • Uzm. Dr. Dilek BAŞARAN

    Uzm. Dr. Dilek BAŞARAN

  • Uzm. Dr. Cemal KARAYAZI

    Uzm. Dr. Cemal KARAYAZI

    Dr. Karayazi is dedicated to the well being and health of patient he serves. He uses his expertise in the delivery of anesthesia care with focused emphasis on safety, value and quality. Dr. Karayazi is well trained to provide relief from pain during and after surgical operations. With 20 years of professional experience, the doctor has managed to put more than 40.000 patients to sleep and have ensured a safe and healthy waking up after surgery.

  • Uzm. Dr. Melih ÖZDAMAR

    Uzm. Dr. Melih ÖZDAMAR

    Dr. Ozdamar earned his medical degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. He cares for patient undergoing anesthesia for surgery, including preoperative assessment and management, aesthetic management and postoperative management and recovery.

  • Dr. Servet ÇOLAK

    Dr. Servet ÇOLAK

    Dr. Servet Colak born in 1968 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University. Dr. Servet is considered one of the finest hair transplant doctors in Istanbul, Turkey. He’s recognized for providing natural results and his artistic aptitude.

  • Dr. Fatih KÖROĞLU

    Dr. Fatih KÖROĞLU

    Dr. Koroglu is one of Turkey’s renowned names in hair transplantation. He graduated from School of Medicine, Selcuk University. Throughout his career, Dr. Koroglu performed thousands of hair transplantation surgeries. His pioneering work in follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant hair transplant techniques and continued contributions to the field of surgical hair restoration have earned him a pole position among the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

  • Dr. Ahmet GENÇ

    Dr. Ahmet GENÇ

  • Dr. Kürşat YALVAÇ

    Dr. Kürşat YALVAÇ

    Many patients in Turkey and Europe have sought Dr. Yalvac’s expertise for the management of complex plastic surgery procedures. He is well versed in the latest and most innovative techniques including breast surgery, tummy tuck and facelift. Dr. Yalvac was born in 1976 in city of Aksaray, Turkey. He graduated from Medical School from the University of Akdeniz in 1999. In 2001, he moved to London where he continued his studies and medical practice. He worked as nutrition expert in 2013 in London.

  • Dr. Özgür Evren ERSOY

    Dr. Özgür Evren ERSOY

  • Dr. Cem HAMİDİ

    Dr. Cem HAMİDİ

  • Dr. Yaprak KONAKÇI

    Dr. Yaprak KONAKÇI

  • Uzm. Dr. Murat Mehmet DİNÇ

    Uzm. Dr. Murat Mehmet DİNÇ

    Dr. Murat Mehmet is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist dedicated to providing gentle and effective dental care to patients. He believes that excellent oral health starts with education and prevention. Dr. Mehmet has made it his mission to educate patients on ways they can take greater control over their own dental health. He is committed to continuing education and remaining at the leading edge of the latest advancement of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Mehmet was born in Aksaray in 1982. He is specialized in a comprehensive array of aesthetic dentistry treatments and laser dental procedures. He is well versed in applying full ceramic restorations (inlays and onlays laminate) and zirconia restorations. Between 2001-2013, he worked as prosthesis specialist at Camlica Hospital Oral and Dental Health clinic. Armed with most advanced dental technology, Dr. Mehmet uses CEREC 3D CAD-CAM ceramic applications in dental crowns and dental veneers treatments. He has 4 years experience in applying CEREC technology in cosmetic dental treatments.

  • Uzm. Dr. Barış KURTULUŞ

    Uzm. Dr. Barış KURTULUŞ

    Dr. Kurtulus was born in Istanbul, 1980. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1999. He is specialized in cosmetic dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. He is the author of various publications on implant surgery, dental aesthetics and mouth disease.

  • Uzm. Dr. Hakan CESUR

    Uzm. Dr. Hakan CESUR
    İç Hastalıkları Uzmanı

  • Dyt. Fatma ARSLAN

    Dyt. Fatma ARSLAN

  • Dyt. Tuğbanur ŞAŞMAZ

    Dyt. Tuğbanur ŞAŞMAZ